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Norfolk Sportshall League

Each year, clubs and schools from around the county compete in the Norfolk Sportshall League – a fun competition for under 11s through to under 15s.

Athletes of all abilities take part. These are an ideal introduction to competition for younger athletes and also provide challenge for more experienced and able athletes too.


2021 League Match Dates

Match 1 – 16th October 2021, UEA Sportspark Norwich

Match 2 – 21st November 2021, UEA Sportspark Norwich

Match 3 – 4th December 2021, Alive Lynnsport, Kings Lynn

How it Works

Under 11s and Under 13s

There is a team competition for under 11s and under 13s. Clubs can enter teams of between 4 and 6 athletes, who take part in a range of running, jumping and throwing events. Clubs can enter multiple teams in each age group. There are gold, silver and bronze trophies for the teams with the highest points in each age group after 3 league matches. 

If your club is not entering a team, you can still take part as an individual. 

Under 15s

Under 15s compete as individuals, scoring points in 6 different events. Highest points from 2 out of 3 matches combined determine who wins gold, silver and bronze.

Our county team managers will select the majority of their squads based on the performances and commitment seen at the league meetings. 

How to Take Part

Under 11s and Under 13s:

Enter online if you want to take part and we’ll pass your name on to your club so they can add you into a team. 

If your club is not entering a team, you can still take part as an individual. Just enter online and we’ll be in touch.

Under 15s:

You can enter directly for each match. 

How much does it cost?

Everyone taking part in the Norfolk Sportshall League matches must enter online, in advance, this year. It costs £6 to enter, whether competing as part of a club or school team, or as an individual.