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Norfolk Sportshall

Sportshall County Championships

County Squad


What is Sportshall?

Sportshall athletics is fun, it’s fast, and it’s a great grounding for outdoor track and field, as well as a discipline in its own right.

Sportshall Athletics is an indoor form of track and field for juniors aged 8 to 14, with traditional events adapted for an indoor environment. It’s a nationally-recognised programme and there are local competitions, county leagues and even regional and national finals.

As a county we have a great record in Sportshall – winning a number of UK titles.

Who are ‘Norfolk Sportshall’?

The Norfolk Sportshall Athletics Committee has representatives from athletics clubs across the county. The committee oversees the Norfolk Sportshall League, county championships, and selects, coaches and manages county squads for the regional and national Sportshall athletics finals.

Athletes competing in 2018 Norfolk Sportshall League

Medals to be won in the County Championships

Times Norfolk have been crowned UK Sportshall Champions